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Do I Need Insurance if I White Label CBD Products?

white-label tincture with hemp insurance coverage 
   The question surrounding insurance for white label CBD products, including product liability insurance for white-label CBD products, commonly comes up and is often an area of confusion. When starting a white-label CBD business, there are so many things on your mind that looking into insurance for hemp products can be one of the last things that businesses and entrepreneurs do, even though it is of such high importance to the overall success of the business. So if you are reading this then you have probably gotten to the point of thinking, “ ok I am white labeling CBD products do I need insurance?”

   I am white labeling CBD products, should I have insurance - Yes. The next question is are products with CBD oil covered by insurance. The answer to this is also yes, however not by every carrier. Cannaspace Insurance Group specializes in the cannabis space and works with insurance carriers that cover CBD products. CBD and Hemp Business Insurance is something that only a few carriers offer. It’s always good to work with someone that specializes in the industry and understands your needs, as well as your products and the market.

   So many companies are white labeling CBD products that it can be hard to even decipher whether the company actually makes their own CBD products in-house, or if they are white labeling CBD products from another company. With so many companies now in the CBD industry, it’s easy to get tied up in the marketing aspect as we all know how important that is. CBD and Hemp Business Insurance, what many refer to as CBD Insurance, should not be overlooked. Hemp product insurance is something that should be looked into in the early stages of development, prior to any sales etc. You of course want to understand what CBD product insurance might cost in your pro-forma financials and make sure that you budget for such.

   Okay, I have my CBD website up and my CBD package design, now how much is it going to be to get CBD insurance? One way to check this out is by contacting us to get a quote. Product liability insurance cbd related, and any insurance suitable to your company is something that an agent that is working in this specialized area of the insurance industry should be able to help you understand and navigate. Again, product liability insurance for CBD is not offered by every insurance carrier, so you do want to make sure that you are working with a carrier that does not exclude such.

   White labeling CBD products definitely has its perks. It’s exciting to build your own brand of white-label CBD products and get into this growing industry. We must always be mindful of the risks that we take when we take that leap to create a white-label CBD products brand though. The good news is that you can get cbd oil covered by insurance. Rules are constantly changing so in addition to having your insurance for hemp products, you want to make sure that your packaging is following these rules as well. One of which is having the correct QR codes on your packaging if this is not something your partner supplies to you for your white-label cbd products. If you are opening a white label CBD company, we wish you the best of luck on your endeavors!