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Cannabis Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes

         Acquiring workers compensation insurance for cannabis can be something that is both hard to find and understand. We’re going to give a general breakdown of what info your agent will need to get you a quote, how it works, and why you might need it.     Cannabis Workers Compensation Insurance is insurance that can cover a business in the event of an employee getting injured with the causation being within the scope of employment and the insurance coverage. The insurance can cover items such as medical costs and lost wages.  This is not to be confused with coverage for third party injury to someone who is not an employee, which can take your General Liability Insurance...

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How Much is Cannabis Business Insurance?

    So you’ve opened your company, you’re ready to make some sales, and the question of how much is Cannabis Business Insurance for my company comes up. Maybe you're an existing company looking to compare the hemp insurance coverage you currently have in place. Either way, you are wondering the same question right, " how much is cannabis business insurance ?"

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Do I Need Insurance if I White Label CBD Products?

     The question surrounding insurance for white label CBD products, including product liability insurance for white-label CBD products, commonly comes up and is often an area of confusion. When starting a white-label CBD business, there are so many things on your mind that looking into insurance for hemp products can be one of the last things that businesses and entrepreneurs do, even though it is of such high importance to the overall success of the business. So if you are reading this then you have probably gotten to the point of thinking, “ ok I am white labeling CBD products do I need insurance?”    I am white labeling CBD products, should I have insurance - Yes. The next...

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