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How Much is Cannabis Business Insurance?

How much is Cannabis Business Insurance?


    So you’ve opened your company, you’re ready to make some sales, and the question of how much is Cannabis Business Insurance for my company comes up. Maybe you're an existing company looking to compare the hemp insurance coverage you currently have in place. Either way, you are wondering the same question right, " how much is cannabis business insurance ?" As you can imagine, this is a common question, how much is it and how can I get started to see the quote? In order to answer this question, we need to learn a little bit more about you and what you do.

    Have you ever had a friend ask you how much you pay for your car insurance? It’s not uncommon for one person to be paying a different price than the other. Of course, in this situation we are talking about hemp insurance coverage and/or marijuana insurance coverage, but stick with us for a minute.  Hopefully in this situation, you compare aspects of both policies to see if you can find variables causing the difference.It could be the claims history of the policy owner, it could be the owner’s property, the deductibles could be higher or lower, the coverage could be higher or lower, etc.

    How does this relate, how much is Cannabis Business Insurance though?  We fill out a cannabis insurance application with you and gather information because the general idea we are trying to explain is that we can’t necessarily say with certainty how much your policy is without learning more. Are you looking to acquire marijuana insurance coverage for cannabis general liability insurance, cannabis products insurance, and/or cannabis property insurance?  We have cannabis insurance specialists available to discuss this with you. What else is needed to be able to find my cannabis insurance solutions? Two of the common additionally requested items are a cannabis product label and a cannabis product list. 

    So how do I get a quote and get started? You can contact us here at Cannaspace Insurance Group and we would be happy to assist you. You may have some questions about marijuana insurance coverage or want a hemp insurance coverage quote. The way quotes work is that we would fill out the application together and gather some of the accompanying items like we mentioned above. This information is processed and then we contact you with all options considered.

    One focal point of having Cannabis Business Insurance is to protect the company from risks that an available policy may cover. For example, risks such as theft, injuries, and/or damage may be covered. These risks can of course be very costly without insurance. A hemp insurance coverage quote can show you how much it would be to have that peace of mind and acquire protection. If you are a new company, you can put the numbers from your marijuana insurance coverage quote into your pro-forma financials and have an answer to that cell in your Excel spreadsheet that has been blank or with a question mark in it for months. If you are an existing company, you can benchmark your current Cannabis Business Insurance option with us. We would love to both meet and assist you.

    Visit us at CannaspaceInsuranceGroup.com today to begin your path to cannabis insurance solutions. We look forward to meeting you and answering your question to how much is cannabis business insurance.