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Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

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Product Liability Insurance is a form of Cannabis Business Insurance that offers protection if one of your products causes third party bodily injury or property damage within the scope of your policy coverage, as the party that suffered the damage or injury may file a lawsuit. This includes someone getting sick or having a harmful side effect from what is determined to be one of your products. Product Liability Insurance can protect you in such an event. Hemp insurance coverage in the form of product liability protection is something to look into prior to actually selling your products. If you find yourself asking the following: is cbd oil covered by insurance; this is a form of hemp insurance coverage you are going to want to look into. Wholesalers and Retailers will often ask for a proof of insurance for hemp products and/or insurance for cannabis products above .3% thc before distributing them. They will often want to determine if a company has Cannabis Business Insurance before working together. 

Cannabis Product Liability Insurance is insurance for cannabis products and insurance for hemp products specifically as well. The insurance carrier will ask for a product list to understand your product line, needs, and exposure. 

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